Hindsgaul's History and Development

Hindsgaul has its development and creative headquarter in Stenloese (Innovation and Design Studio) - Denmark, approx. 20 km west of Copenhagen.

The company was established by furniture maker Ferdinand Hindsgaul in 1913 and was originally involved with production and sale of shop counters and display cabinets. Later development led to the sale of display articles - including a selection of imported display mannequins.

During the 2nd World War, when mannequins could not be imported, Hindsgaul started their own production.

Those mannequins were in great demand in the period after the war, both at home and abroad and the company experienced a wide international expansion and development over the following decades, becoming one of the worlds leading suppliers of display mannequins. In 1975, the decision was made to concentrate completely on display mannequins and stop all activity in the areas of production and sale of shop fittings. 

The personally owned company became a limited company in 1944 and was until November 2008 owned by F.& E. Hindsgaul’s Foundation. By April 2010 the company became part of RETAILMENT A/S Denmark www.retailment.com

F.& E. Hindsgaul’s foundation was dedicated to donate funds to different charitable purposes e.g. support of medical research and education of young people. With this Foundation as the main shareholder, it is natural that the Hindsgaul company in its daily running concerns itself with protecting the environment and caring for its employees and endeavours to conduct its business in an ethical and fair manner. This policy will still be maintain with the new owner. 

Hindsgaul’s mannequins:
As one of the leading companys in the display mannequin business, Hindsgaul has the policy of being able to offer at any time a wide range of contemporary and well-functioning mannequins within the categories, women, men, teenagers and children.

Both the concept and design of Hindsgaul’s products are undertaken by their own design department in cooperation with internationally known display specialists, designers, sculptors and stylists. Adaptation of the prototypes and the subsequent production of the final article takes place in the Danish factory; this includes production and completion of all important elements of the finished mannequin (body, face, wig, make-up etc.). Thus Hindsgaul can be certain that the completed mannequin in every respect lives up to the high quality demands and the certainty of delivery which customers rightly associate with a product from Hindsgaul.

Another advantage of Hindsgaul undertaking the whole process right from product development to delivery of the finished product, is the possibility of being able to offer our customers participation in the completion of their individual product and thereby, obtaining the optimal look for their particular needs. Apart from Hindsgaul’s own design and product development program, we offer our customers a wide range of services: e.g. developing make-up and wig styles to meet specific wishes from our customers. In some cases we also offer our customers a close co-operation in connection with the development of concept and the creative work for singular products or limited product ranges, specifically targeting the customer’s special needs.

Hindsgaul’s products are sold primarily through our competent representatives in many countries. These sole agents of Hindsgaul’s products are all trained to deliver the support and service which we believe, each and every Hindsgaul customer is entitled to.

In the case of Hindsgaul not having an agent in a particular country, we will, if possible try to service the customer directly from our Danish head office. It is, however, Hindsgaul’s policy to work through agents, whenever it is at all possible. The reason for this is to ensure that our customers always have a local Hindsgaul representative to work with, and to ensure that the customers receive the expected high level of advice and service, both before and after delivery.

Today the production of Hindsgaul Mannequins is taken place partly in our own factory i China and in our facilities in Denmark.