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The series SILHOUETTES is a new way of working with mannequins. SILHOUETTES consists of seven different positions. The concept contains two basic positions where each position comes with two extra sets of arms, which can be switched between depending on theme, temperament and mood in the store. A seventh unique position is included - arms over head.

SILHOUETTES is an easy dresser in the traditional sense working with mannequins, but all seven poses invites to draping of fabrics. Roughs and sketches have always been a distinguished way of presenting ideas, directions and attitudes – this is the essence and basic idea behind SILHOUETTES. Light and graceful on display.

SILHOUTTES is available for fast delivery in standard body color glossy powder without make-up. Please contact your Hindsgaul Mannequins® dealer for time of delivery and surcharge when ordering alternative body colour, adaptable make-up and wig.
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  • Graceful and elegant
  • Three-in-one
  • Make-up and wig options