Hindsgaul Designer’s Choice


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Tween boys and girls
Hindsgaul Mannequins® has always been known for a strong and wide children's program.

From our successful "Children Of The World" series, we have selected a smaller range from unisex toddlers, pre-school boys and girls and age-wise further upwards, and subsequently decided to incorporate these into our warehouse program "Designer's CHOICE".

The series contain simple positions that do not take up too much space, are easy to dress and handle, and a smaller selection of wigs according to contemporary trends. All our youngsters has been designed according to the metric size designation, the Centilong system that gives you the guarantee of perfect fit for each age group. The youngsters collection contains both stylistic and naturalistic mannequins.

  • In stock
  • Children and youngsters
  • Naturalistic & stylistic
  • Easy to dress
  • Trendy wigs