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Wigs for youngsters naturalistic
Wigs for youngsters naturalistic

Nothing is left to chance with our wigs. All wigs, both our standard and our custom-made wigs, are developed and designed by our skillful wigmakers and hairdressers. From the choice of fiber, color mixing and composition, quantity of fiber and the design of the hairstyle itself. Our children wigs need particularly attention. The amount of hair fibers and has to fit perfectly the age group of the given mannequins. Therefore, each wig are carefully adapted to the matching age group.

We offer two sorts of wigs: our standard collection and the deluxe collection. The standard collection is available in our webshop Wigs from our deluxe collection are special made, and can be customized in colour, length etc. These wigs can be purchased by contacting your local Hindsgaul Mannequins® dealer.