Slim fit mannequins from hindsgaul


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Roy the slim fit man
Roy meets Coy
Roy from Hindsgaul® is the counterpart to our popular Coy mannequin. Roy is tall and lean, yet muscular, and has a cool, young attitude. Roy is an image on the popular culture that young people look up to and get inspired by today.

The face and body curves are semi-stylistic to leave room for imagination, dreams and styling. Roy has a timeless face, and simple and elegant positions. The series is very versatile and will fit many kinds of clothing and styling.

Roy is developed in 3 classic positions and comes in two standard colors, but can be delivered in any color against
surcharge. The series is a part of our fast delivery program, and is available from stock.

  • In stock
  • Hindsgaul Mannequins®
  • Slim fit all over
  • Available in two standard body colours